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Privacy Policy

Maintaining the privacy of personal information given by individuals is prime concern of Loans For Teachers. We take proper care to retain the confidentiality of applicant’s details. We are completely dedicated to maintain the secrecy of your details. Here we have given brief narration about various policies followed by us so as to keep individual’s personal information safe and secret-

  1. We, at Loans For Teachers follow data protection act 1998. With a view to protect the personal information of individuals from falling prey to illegal access, we provide password facility. Through our password facility you can protect your valuable information like names, addresses and social security numbers. We just want the applicants to choose his or her password carefully and also do not share it with others.
  2. We do not collect personal information of visitors. Visitors can visit our website anytime and every time without sharing any personal information. We take your personal information only when you are willing to share it with us.
  3. You can submit all details here with Loans For Teachers and we assure you that we do not disclose or sell these details to any third party. Sometimes, we may share some of your personal information just to find out better lender as per your financial requirements. As per requirements we can also share these details with a legal entity.

Our prime concern is to assure you complete security of your personal information. We, at Loans For Teachers assure you to protect your details from illegal accesses. But even then if due to some technical fault, a data cannot keep secret, then we must not be accountable for the fault.

Loans For Teachers can change its privacy policies without any prior notice. So, it is better to have an idea about any such modification.